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17 JOBS THAT OFFER YOU A STRESS-FREE ENVIRONMENT AND PAY HANDSOMELY WELL. The following list compiles a set of 17 high profile jobs with their job.

Top Jobs for Lazy People that Pay Well. Here are 50 jobs for lazy people. 1. Librarian. Average pay: $27 an hour. Pay range: $13 to $42 an hour. Librarian is a super chill.

We found 10 jobs that not only look really fun but also pay pretty well. If you're thinking of changing careers, might we suggest some of these? Contents Animal Groomer Personal Shopper/Stylist Winemaker Chocolatier Luxury Car Test Driver Food Critic Event Planner Video Game Designer Professional Magician Professional Taster 10: Animal Groomer.

Construction manager/Site ManagerAverage Annual Salary: $81,000. Each of those construction jobs you pass on your way to work is being led and watched over by a manager..

There are easy ways to make money for everyone, just be smart and choose what part-time job that pays the best! 1. Deliver Food If you have reliable transportation then delivering food is an easy way to make around $30/hr. Working for DoorDash gives you the flexibility to set your own hours and work as much as you want.

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Best Apps Offering Fun Jobs that Pay Well. DoorDash. Earn $25 per hour plus keep 100% of your tips (4000 cities in USA). If you have an interest in craft beers, you could spend your working day making and drinking beer. Average Salary: $46,000. Event Planner.

You could also become a game tester or reviewer or develop and sell your own games. Playing games might be one of the jobs that pay well that you are looking for. Average.